Discover the miracle oil for dark spots, uneven skin tones, hyper pigmentation and stretch marks

The Aravalli rosehip serum is undoubtedly one of the most potent products used at The Aravalli Spa. This rare essential oil is made from pressed seed oil extracted from the seeds that form in the hips of the wild rose of Chile. It started getting attention after a study was published out of San Marcos University, Lima, Peru in 1988. 180 patients suffering from severe scarring, uneven skin tones, hyper pigmentation and premature ageing used the oil on their skin over a period of two years and the results were astonishing – scars and stretch marks were significantly reduced, ageing skin was rejuvenated and tone and colour markedly improved. There is now a large, and increasing, number of skin gurus and celebrities with flawless complexions who attribute the beauty of their skin to this one ingredient. In an article in the Huffington Post, Miranda Kerr evan said ‘I like to wear rosehip oil at night. It’s full of that many antioxidants and it really works on a cellular level to rejuvenate the skin. I put that on at night and I wake up glowing.’ The US Weekly reported back in 2017 that “Kate Middleton continues to use rosehip oil in her daily skincare regimen," according to a source close to the Duchess. "She loves the effect it has on her skin. Her mother, Carole [Middleton] is also a fan."

So what exactly does The Aravalli rosehip serum have and why should you incorporate it into our beauty arsenal? rosehip contains many beneficial components but the most powerful is its high level of all-trans retinoic acid (tretinoin), a derivative of vitamin A (retinol). Tretinoin is a widely researched ingredient that is used by dermatologists to treat acne and photo-aging and is used to reduce stretch marks by increasing collagen production in the dermis. rosehip oil also contains high levels of unsaturated essential fatty acids (omega 3 and 6), namely oleic (15-20%), linoleic (44-50%) and linolenic (30-35%). These fatty acids are anti-inflammatory and provide deep hydration. rosehips are also one of the highest natural sources of vitamin C , a powerful antioxidant that fights free-radical damage. This makes rosehip oil extremely powerful as a skin regenerating agent, which is why it's so effective on skin blemishes, hyper pigmentation, stretch marks and ageing.

However, not all rosehip seed oils are created equal. The quality of the seeds and the extraction method are critical. The Aravalli rosehip serum is made from the highest-quality oils that are cold-pressed and not solvent-extracted. This premium grade oil has an extremely high concentration of rosehip oil with a hint of Jasmine, which means that you only need a few drops for the entire face. It is high in natural Tretinoin and essential fatty acids which is one of the most effective combinations to lighten the skin and diminishes scars and unwanted marks. The stimulative effects of the Tretinoin also result in much faster skin regeneration to effectively reduce facial lines and wrinkles.

The Aravalli rosehip serum is 100% natural and does not contain any preservatives.

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